Victor & Laura

This wine is exactly why we are just married. It was winter 2009 in Regent Street and we felt love in a wine tasting. Víctor poured Laura a glass of this wine and the rest is an amazing story that demonstrates that sometimes it is just a bottle of wine that makes you decide you want to spend the rest of your life with a person that lives a thousand miles away from you. After studying in London, they had a long distance relationship for years until they came to live and work together doing what they love the most, creating such special moments as the one they had drinking wine. Let no man separate what this wine has joined.

19 December 2009, London, UK.

Victor organized a wine tasting in the National Geographic store in Regent Street and invited some friends. One of them was Laura’s classmate in Westminster University and she announced it after class and some of the people wanted to go. Laura had plans already but the school was just in the same Regent st so she just promised to drop her friends off. Once at the door, Víctor invited her in so she would taste his wine. Laura was not interested in the wine or the guy! When she came home, Victor had already sent her a Facebook friend request.

20 December 2009, London, UK.

Laura’s best friends V and B lived in her same dorm. It was the last day of school before Christmas break so they invited her to go to a fancy bar in soho together. They had already talked with Victor and agreed to take Laura to this party Víctor was organizing. Laura met Victor at the entrance. Victor had already broke up with another girl he was dating at the time and told his friends that Laura was his girlfriend. Absolutely nothing happened because Laura had no idea about anything really.

21 December 2009, London, UK.

Laura was at Gatwick airport flying to Spain and received the very first sms. Víctor was telling her he was already missing her. Victor called her a couple of times during the Christmas break from Andorra where he was skiing.

February, 2010, London, UK.

So they had met a couple of times only to go to a museum (although he really tried hard to met her anywhere else). He kind of grew tired and told Laura that he wanted to date her properly, like a real girlfriend. The answer was not what he was looking forward so they went their separate ways for a while.

May, 2010, London, UK.

They resumed their relationship, as friends, but Víctor had to come to Spain to run the family business. They became friends and talked about other boyfriends and girlfriends for a year.

1st September, 2011, Murcia, Spain.

Laura had been studying in Loyola University in Chicago for that summer semester and has just arrived in Spain when she received in a sms the train tickets to come from Murcia to Navarra. Victor told her that he just wanted her to meet his girlfriend. Laura actually used the tickets! She could not believe it herself.

4th september 2011, Arnedo, La Rioja, Spain.

There was no girlfriend, that was just an excuse for her to come. Knowing her, this was the best excuse ever. He really used those days, she felt in love, he did too. Those were the best days of her life. There are no words to thank him for showing her that if you really want something, you will have it eventually. But you have to really want it, and that was the case here.

6th October 2011, London, UK.

She was doing her final year in university in Granada, Spain, so they agreed to meet in London. It was late evening and the two of them were nervous. They kissed for the first time ever in Regent Street, just in front of the National Geographic store.

4th July 2012, Navarra, Spain.

Laura moved to Navarra to spend the summer with Víctor before coming to work in London for the year. She had to join the company the 1st of September but it never happened because Víctor managed to convince her to stay and work and live with him. This was not an easy step but they have conquered all the difficulties ever since and they have made a really great team for work and for life.

8th may 2015, New York, US.

Apparently it was a business trip until Victor proposed Laura at the Plaza Hotel. Of course, she said yes.

4th september 2015, Navarra, Spain.

They got married! The ceremony was held at Calahorra’s Cathedral and then we all dine and dance together at the barrel room in Finca Manzanos winery, the one Victor father’s designed and built. Of course, we made this two wines for the occasion. Victor chose the Reserva 2009 (same year he met Laura!) and Laura chose the white oak fermented. The perfect gift for our friends too.

Víctor & Laura The Reserva 2009


This wine has been elaborated using selected Tempranillo and Graciano grapes from the more than 300 hectares that Manzanos owns in Rioja qualified denomination of origin.

Graciano grapes have been hand-picked from vines that are more than 40 years old. The tempranillo grapes used in this wine come from old vines in traditional bush that we converted to trellis.

Víctor&Laura Reserva embeds the age, delicacy and elegance necessary to make a great wine. The best coupage to achieve these coveted qualities is a 60% tempranillo and 40% graciano.

Both, tempranillo and graciano, grape juices fermented separatedly as they come from different vines and, thus, they had their own maturation process in the vine and in the tank too.

The wine has been in new french and american oak for 36 months.

Given are intense ruby colours with deep red hues.

On the nose, we find black fruit interlaced with the presence of spices and minerals and balsamic aromas.

On the palate, it is very well-structured, elegant and fine. It has a long finish of 20 to 30 seconds.

Paired with meat, fatty fish and spanish ham and cold cured meat.


Laura & Víctor White fermented oak


For this wine we have used Chardonnay and Viura grapes only harvested at the right time of maturation to keep their freshness with notes of mature fruit.

The viura grapes used here come from 45 year-old vines facing the south and receiving all the afternoon sunlight, one thing that makes it possible for the fruit to fully mature and therefore we obtain a fresh, full body and aromatic wine.

The Chardonnay here comes from younger vines that have been growing in high trellis in order to get a better sunshine exposure. Manzanos was one of the first DOCa Rioja wineries to plant Chardonnay.

Both varieties mature in different barrels and only when they are ready we blend them, this way we can obtain the right amount of oak we want for each grape.

Laura&Víctor Blanco has been in stainless steel tanks until half the fermentation process. Afterwards, we brought it to barrels, using mostly french and some american oak for 5 months to achieve its complexity.

Given is lemon yellow with gold hues, bright and clear.

On the nose we find intense aromas of citric fruit such as lemon interlaced with tropical fruit such as mango, pineapple and banana. We also find floral aromas because of old viura grapes. These aromas are influenced by the oak, that brings all the sweetness and aroma of pastries.

On the palate it is a fresh, full and well-balanced wine. At first we notice it freshness, later the sweetness of the alcohol and it has a long finish with reminiscence of pastries and tropical fruit undertones.







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