Here we were visiting Brussels in our first business trip there. Laura loves french more than anything else in the world so she was happy to be there even if the business that we were trying to do was not at all successful. Thank God they spoke french, at least there was something good about it.

So this was a joke between Víctor and Laura. There was no way Laura will accept to just have a coke with Víctor for a year. So once they were dating they came across this bus in the Strand and they started laughing about life really…

So it proves that we do have holidays together too! This was our first holiday without any business meetings. It may seem incredible but we actually had some days off in Cádiz once…!

This is our first wedding together, it was quite a special and very smart wedding in Suances. We were already looking for inspiration?

Víctor is one of a kind really and he has changed and improved the way Manzanos does business. He has a “yes we can” attitude as Laura says. Here we see the works for building two new warehouses in Finca Manzanos winery! The funny thing is, that we are now doing it all over again: we are building three more units…hopefully it means that we are doing things great!

Yes, after the wedding one usually takes pictures. But Víctor has to see the business part of it, and here it is: posing with a Porsche Panamera (for you to understand we are owners of the Porsche dealership in Pamplona) and this was the car that took Laura to the church.

We do need any description here, just look at the whole picture, there is love in the air.

This was the wedding dinner in Finca Manzanos winery. Very small wedding as we wanted, loads of white hydrangeas and pink roses everywhere.

Our first San Fermin together! Laura has just officially moved to live with Víctor in Navarra!

Virgin usually asks for pictures, so to be honest here is one specially took for them, this is Finca Manzanos winery.

This was our second wedding together I think, but this was not special because we did not really knew the new wed!  so we just had fun and dance!

This is Santorini as you may have guessed. Yes it was holidays but of course we were visiting clients too, by now you know Víctor, his clients are friends for him so we had our night out in Athens with them too!

Yes, this was the night. Víctor took me by surprise (well sort of…) and ask me to marry him while we were in NYC for a business trip. This picture was taken just some minutes afterwards in The Plaza Hotel.

Same night but this picture is to prove that we sometimes take pictures together, even if it takes time to convince Víctor 🙂

We will always have London. Even if I try I cannot put into word how I feel about London. It is pure love and happiness.

Laura’s birthday on the 22nd of November. No, the party was not for her, she just came invited to Victor’s aunt birthday celebration. No, it is not the same day but she chose to celebrate that day and there we were!

I think it is Leeds airport. One of the many british airports that we visit. It is nice to be home.

Virgin tasting in Leeds. We always have a great time with Virgin tastings.

Doing what we know best, taste wine. This one is Valencia, I know you could tell because of the clothes and the tan. We cannot have this tan or these clothes in Uk…

Lorca easter holidays! So Laura is from Lorca (Murcia)  and she cannot miss the easter holiday there. She looks happy, isn’t she? Next easter you know where you have to go!

Víctor is in the press and this is not that common!! Not because the press does not want him (they really do…) but because he does not like to be in the spotlight!

Where do you think we would celebrate the wedding?

But first in Calahorra cathedral!

ust imagine when you feel stressed or need a break, we have it simple: look at the sea of vineyards that we have and this of their beauty. And if you can do this after harvest when they start to turn orange and red more so.

Copenhagen. This was a visit to Victor’s brother when we was studying engineering there!

Virgin Manchester tasting! so fun!

Christmas with family in Murcia!

Prowein, Dusseldorf!  Three days of hard work but together is always better.

Same birthday party on Laura’s birthday.

Shanghai, after a really long week of Prowein fair and events..we actually had the chance to visit the city. Now we come every year at least twice!